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Disaster Guard


Release Date: Monday 6th, 2022

Development Time:  72 hours

Team Size: 10 members

Disaster Guard is a first person shooter survival management game we made during the 72-hour Ludum Dare 50 game jam. This was my 2nd game jam, and I ended up attracting a much larger amount of people than I was expecting. Leading 10 people in such a short time was tricky, but it let us do a higher scope project than we could do for a normal game jam. (3).gif (5).gif

The prompt was "The End is Inevitable" and we answered it with an over-the-top survival game where everything is breaking down and 4 different disasters threaten your life at once! You work in a volcanic laboratory where you must prevent the lava from rising, make sure the nuclear reactor is online or lose power, shoot down alien ships to prevent them from invading you, and don't forget to take your coffee breaks or you'll fall asleep! (4).gif

I worked specifically on the AI and first person shooter aspects of the game. Getting the AI to patrol and navigate the rough environment was tricky. In addition to this I helped design and ultimately build the level that the player works in. To end things I added lots of UI elements and sounds to bring the environment to life.

Our game placed 394th out of 1,923 jam submissions. While it was somewhat of a nightmare working on such a high scope game, with lots of people in such a short time period, I'm very proud of what we managed to make. You can check out the Ludum Dare page.

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