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Release Date: April 16th, 2021

Development Time:  4 months

Team Size: 11 members

BeatDown was the first project I led as part of the VGDev club at Georgia Tech in the Spring of 2021. The goal was to make a game within the short timeframe of only 1 semester. I brought with me a prototype of the game and created a presentation to pitch it to the club and get members interested on working on it.

BeatDown is a rhythm game where you control a shape that moves along a grid. You are able to move each time a beat happens, as well as charge up and use powerups or devastating ultimate moves. You can see a short video showing off the game and how it works a bit above.

Square ult.png

I'm most proud of the complex rhythm system I made. It allows for people to easily create all sorts of different tap patterns for songs, and after lots of tweaking it never gets off-beat or feels bad. I'm also proud of the AI we developed as its behavior is patterned and makes sense but is also not too predictable and is capable of surprising the player. In addition, this was the first game I developed with Multiplayer in mind, so I learned a lot about networking over the course of working on this game, as I did most of the networking programming. It even works with steam!

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