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Snail Game


Release Date: February 5th, 2023

Development Time:  48 hours

Team Size: 8 members

Snail Game was made in 48 hours for the Global Game 2023. This was my first in-person jam, as we participated in a jam site at Georgia Tech. The theme was roots, and we decided to make a top-down action local multiplayer game where you fight each other as snails.


The main mechanic is the purple corruption which has spread everywhere. Your snail can infected with different levels of corruption by standing in purple fog or near an exploding mushroom. Getting more corruption grants you new abilities, like dodge rolls, triple shots, and overshield health. Be careful however, because when the timer runs out, the most corrupt are the first to die!


I took a step back from game design for this one and mostly let others design. I programmed many things such as the mushrooms, map element spawning, and health. I also worked hard on the aesthetics and juice of the game, adding all sorts of screenshake, squash & stretching, haptics, and squishy sound effects for that snail kind of feel. I also composed and produced the battle song!

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