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Blood Favor


Release Date: January 14th, 2023

Development Time:  ~1 year by myself, 4 months with team

Team Size: 22 members

Blood Favor is kind of my dream game. It combines two of my favorite genres: First-Person Shooters and Roguelikes. This means that the 3D shooter level is assembled at runtime differently each time. It takes place in a futuristic gameshow where your life is on the line as you compete for the final prize: The ability to kill any one person in the world, consequence free.

There were a lot of challenging things to implement in this game. The aforementioned level generation, five different weapons using a robust character controller, and complex enemy AI that shoots, chases, and takes cover were among the most difficult, but I learned a lot working on them. I built off of some great packages for the character controllers and AI but learning how they worked was a long process in itself.


It was really neat to build individual rooms for the levels in the game. Shooter level design is something I am still learning, but I enjoyed teaching others in my team what I've learned so far about making interesting and engaging levels. On top of that we designed many unique items in the game you could collect to add to the roguelike elements hidden inside presents, and a shop where you could spend tickets to buy them. I even designed multiple gamemodes within the rooms! There are so many complex systems in this game it is definitely still in rough prototype stage and will need love for more years before its anywhere near release. However I'm proud how fun we've made it so far!


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