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Release Date: TBD

Development Time:  4 months (for the VGDev project) 2+ years total

Team Size: 25 members

Slider is a game project led by Daniel Carr. Slider originally started out as jam game for the GMTK game jam and placed 21st out of 6,000 entries. Due to its success, he decided to significantly expand the game by leading it for a semester at the Georgia Tech VGDev club, in the Spring of 2022.

Slider is a 2D puzzle game based around sliding 8-puzzles where the tiles that you slide are actually pieces of the world that you can walk on. You have to slide these tiles to get around and to complete quests and unlock new tiles.


For Slider, I was responsible for designing the desert world. This was a whole world full of environments and characters to explore. And most importantly, puzzles! It was an interesting task designing puzzles for such a minimal game. It can be easy to fall into the pit of designing glorified fetch quests, so I tried hard to use the mechanics of Slider in new ways to force the player to change the way they approach the game.

Thanks to the dedication of our team, and especially our team lead Daniel Carr, Slider is the little game that keeps on chugging. We exhibited it at many games festivals like ECGC, Dreamhack, and GDC. One thing we never expected though was to be nominated and later win the "Best Student Game" award at the annual Indie Games Festival at GDC 2023. Being at that awards table as they announced Slider as the winner has got to be one of my favorite memories of all time. It really shows the dedication of Georgia Tech's VGDev club, and all the team members of Slider.

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