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Music Experience

I have been "doing music" since 2nd grade, when I first started taking piano lessons. I kept up with them, and learned new instruments when I took band in middle school and high school. I learned to play trumpet first and then switched to the percussion section where I learned all sorts of drums, cymbals, keyboards, and yes, the triangle. I began writing my own music more seriously in high school, and got a lot of experience putting on a show and playing live after I joined the School of Rock in Charlotte. Currently I am working on producing music (including mixing/mastering) in FL Studio for my act, The Bird Party.

The Bird Party

Currently as The Bird Party I am working on a concept album based around science and the consequences of a society moving forward technologically. The album is supposed to have a more electronic feel than my past work. As of right now I have a couple of singles out that will be part of the album.

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