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Doggy Disk


Release Date: July 13th, 2021

Development Time:  48 hours

Team Size: 5 members

Doggy Disk was made in only two days, during a Game Jam. I led a team of five people, as we designed and built a game in Unity, all around the theme "All Around You". We decided we wanted to do a sort of tower defense where the enemies come from every direction. We came up with a unique twist though - all your towers are on layers of disks, which you can spin to better position them to deal with the hordes of cats. (1).gif (2).gif

The game features 3 different tower types and 3 different enemy types, as well as shop and upgrade system. I worked on pretty much all aspects of the game for putting the whole thing together, including design, animation, UI, and mechanics.

doggy disk 1.png
doggy disk 2.png
doggy disk 3.png

Out of 7 teams, we placed 2nd. For my first game jam I was very proud of what we made in such a short time period!

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