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Release Date: March 26th, 2017

Development Time:  ~1 year

Team Size: just me :)

Sandstorm is my first Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 custom zombies map project. This project took a long time, as learning the Black Ops 3 modding tools is a tough endeavor. For the most part, they are very much the same tools as the developer Treyarch uses!

The map is set next to a pyramid in the desert. While I make use of many assets from Black Ops 3, much of the map is built my me, such as the lab facilities on the premises, the fences, and terrain.


One of my favorite visual parts of the map is how the map switches from daytime to nighttime once the power is turned on. Torches light up, and players have to navigate the environment with its all-new look.


Most of my work on this map was just building it and figuring out how to make it run. But I also got really interested in scripting new features. For this map I made a custom perk machine, a pack-a-punch quest, lots of secrets, and an easter egg quest that players can solve to beat the map.

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